1. Create an Ecmcpal Account

A. Fill in all the information required, including Email address, password (twice) and Referral ID.

B. Referral ID refers to the ID of the merchant who invite you to use EcmcPal.

C. Tick “√” in the following button to agree the user agreement.

D. Click the “Sing up” button to complete the registration.

2. Check Your Ecmcpal Account

A. Click “My ECMCPAL” and the information of you account would show up, including the account type, account status, account balance and last login time.

B. Transaction history refers to the record of all your former transitions with the details of order number, order amount, merchant email, date, order status and other operating options.

C.Prepay history refers to the record all the recharge you made to EcmcPal with the details of amount, card number, date, type, status, bank account and other operating options.

D. Click the refund button if you want to get the money back to your credit card.

E. Complaints history refers to the record of your former complaints, with the details of reason of complaint, status, order number, date and other operate options.


3. Recharge

A. Select a card you have added.

B. Fill in the information required, including amount, cvv2 and expiry date.

C. Click the prepay button to complete the prepay.

4. Account Management

A. Click the add button to add the credit card information required.

B. You can add on credit card at least and ten at most.

5. Send Money

A. Fill in the account (Email Address) which you will send the money to.

B. Fill in the amount you would like to send.

6. Security Center (Change the password)

A. Fill in the original password
B. Fill in the new password
C. Re-enter the new password

7. Enter the payment page

A. The order details would show up here, including the item name, price, quantity, shipping and handling fee, order number, bill number and total amount.
B. Fill in your email address and password if you already have an Ecmcpal account
C. Click the register link to create an Ecmcpal account if you don’t have one.

8.Confirm the payment

A. After login, your Ecmcpal account, the available balance and the money you should pay would show up.
B. Click the confirm button to complete the payment.